About once every two months I get this question. My PDF is corrupted when I download it, what do I do. I have done a considerable amount of testing with a variety of products. Here is what I have found.

  • 98% of the time, when this problem occurs it has to do with how the PDF is created and the embedding of font’s within the file. Some of the 3rd party software out there that create PDF’s do not embed the font in the file. So when it’s downloaded again the file comes up corrupt because it can not find the font needed to render it. My suggestion is to only use Adobe Products or Addons when creating your PDF. I use Microsoft Office which comes with Adobe built in (or you can download the Adobe add on from Microsoft for free ) and I have never had a problem.

  • 1% of the time it’s due to server configuration, out of my control. The server throws in additional headers into the file that turn the PDF to toast. This is extremely rare.

  • The last 1% has to do with iPhones and iPads. If the individual iPad or iPhone is not configured correctly PDF’s will not render correctly. This is rare, but I’ve come across it.

To help you narrow down the problem Test the plugin with other PDF’s that you have not created and see if you get the same results. That will narrow it down for you.