How to use Double OPT-IN For Download Shortcodes.

First things first, when you are using any kind of shortcode, when you insert it into you post are page, make sure you are in “Text” mode in your editor. If you place any kind of shortcode in your post or page and you are in “Visual” mode, the shortcode WILL NOT WORK


[lab_subscriber_download_form download_id=1] – You get this shortcode from the download table after you upload you downloadable file. Copy and Paste it while you are in “Text” mode in the page or post that you would like the form to appear.


[lab_landing_page] – This shortcode creates the download button. You want to place this on your “Thank You Page” Remember to use this page for any potential up selling and or promotions. Take advantage of the space. Also, be aware that the button will not appear at all unless you arrive at the page from clicking the link in the email. So don’t worry about people stumbling across it.

Adding a Custom Form to a Shortcode

If you want to add a custom form to a specific download on a page or post, just add "form_id=<Your Form ID Number>" to the shortcode. Below is an example:


[lab_subscriber_download_form download_id="1" form_id="1"]


Customizing the Download Button

button_text=”Your Download Button Text Here” – Add this to the landing page shortcode to customize the download button text. The final shortcode will look like this:


[lab_landing_page button_text="Your Download Button Text Here"]