After installing DOIFD

  1. Click on the Constant Contact Tab
  2. Enter your Constant Contact username & password.
  3. Click Save
  4. For existing downloads, go to your download in the download section of the plugin.

    Click Edit
    Select Your Constant Contact List
    Click Save

  5. For new downloads you will see the Constant Contact List drop down field in the upload form.
  6. Select Your List When uploading your new download item

That’s it. Now every time a user verifies their email address it will automatically be added to your Constant Contact List.

Things to be aware of when you are testing:

  1. There is a delay, I noticed it was about 3 minutes on average from the time a user lands on the verification page to the time the users email address is actually visible on the Constant Contact list you chose. The total number of contacts changes immediately, the delay is only when the new email address is visible.

  2. The users email address only gets added when they land on the landing page, not when they submit the form. This is done to keep you in compliance with Constant Contacts Terms

  3. Duplicate email addresses or emails addresses that you have previously been removed will not be added.