The plugin uses the wp_mail function in Wordpresss. Below is a short list of reasons why the emails might not be sent.

  1. The verification email in the options section must have these three fields in it, {subscriber}, {download} and {url}, without them the email will not be sent.

  2. The emails are going into the junk/spam folder in your email application

  3. The emails are being flagged as spam somewhere along the line. You can do an email traceroute using your server admin panel to see where it is getting held up.

  4. The domain name of the admin email address, used in the main Wordpress General Settings, or if you are using the custom from email address, must be using the same domain name as the website domain. ( Example: support@doubleoptinfordownload ). Some email services will reject emails where the from address does not match the originating domain.