After purchasing Sendgrid For DOIFD, download the plugin zip file to your computer. Then do the following

  1. Upload the "Sendgrid For DOIFD" zip to Wordpress in the Wordpress admin area by
    1. Clicking "Plugins"
    2. Clicking "Add New"
    3. Clicking "Upload Plugin"
    4. Select the zip folder "Sendgrid For DOIFD" that you have saved to your computer.
    5. Click "Install Now"
    6. Once it has uploaded, click "Activate"
  2. Once the Sendgrid For DOIFD is activated, starting in the DOIFD submenu do the following:
    1. Click "Settings"
    2. Click the "Email" tab
    3. Look for the Sendgrid Options at the bottom and Click "Yes" to send your emails via Sendgrid
    4. Paste in you Sendgrid API key
    5. Click "Save

  3. That it! Your Done! All verification emails will now be send via Sendgrid!