Before canceling your subscription thier are two important things to keep in mind.

  1. Wordpress comes out with about 4 major updates a year along with security updates. Sometimes, these updates will break plugins and themes, including DOIFD. DOIFD is continually updated to ensure it will always work as expected. After you have cancelled your subscription you will no longer receive updates after your year has expired.
  2. Renewals automatically come with a 30% discount on the full price. If you decide to renew your subscription after you cancel, you will need to pay the full price.

How to Cancel Your Subscription

  1. Log into your account at Your user name is the email address you used to purchase DOIFD. If you do not know your password, simply do a password reset.
  2. Once you have logged in, simply go to "Your Account" page, scroll down the page to "Subscriptions" and click cancel. If you payed with your paypal account, you can also cancel your subscription on paypal.